Light lamp is also called light

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Light lamp is also called light

PAR light, full name is "Parabolic Aluminum Reflector dishes shape Aluminum reflection", refers to moving head light manufacturer of metal halide lamp encapsulation to the lamps and lanterns of reflective cup. All aluminum beam of light is a traditional aluminum shell lamp. All aluminum beam of light beam of light (stage) is the most widely used mainly on stage lighting lamps and lanterns, high pervious to light, high temperature resistant flat convex condenser, the condenser or the fourth spot size is adjustable, performance when used to surface, ear shook his head lamp manufacturers, mobile light, etc

Computer light lamp is equipped with mini electric brain circuits of beam of light moving head light manufacturer, make the beam of light can receive signal from the console, and convert it into electrical signals control mechanical parts, various functions. Ming and photovoltaic research and development production of moving head light lamp, can achieve 540 degrees horizontal scanning, meet stage and other places of use of moving head light manufacturers need of various kinds of mode conversion.

Computer internal light lamp can be divided into three parts: the first is electric brain circuits, shaking his head lamp manufacturer it is the brain of a lamp, receive commands and send the command is done by it, can also be self-checking internal functions, set the address code, internal calibration parameters or function; Secondly, mechanical parts, it is a micro step motor by a number of moving head light manufacturer, each step motor can independent action, respectively with moving head light manufacturers move pattern plate color wheel, disc wheel, prism rotating and dimming, focus, flare horizontal and vertical movement operation of mechanical parts; The last part is the light source, the bright lights and computer light YS - 700, YS - 300 and YS - 200 series of light moving head light manufacturer with Philips 700 FASTFIT MSR and Philips MSR 300 FASTFIT bulb, installed inside the lamp electronic rectifier, capacitor, such as lamp power supply circuit. With lightning moving head light source manufacturer of optical system is very advanced, color piece is made of high temperature resistant, high light transmittance of filter material, the amount of injection of high beam brightness very moving head light manufacturer, color is very pure. 

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