The colour of professional lighting engineers must master psychology

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Stage lighting design is absolutely not to say that will open the dimming, meet or even just lighting engineers. It contains a lot of knowledge in it, a good lighting engineers is not only a technical personnel, more important is he is an artist.

To become a stage lighting engineer, or from many aspects of the foundation, first of all need to be able to master lighting equipment (equipment), common sense, to study the corresponding optical sense, light color, color temperature, spectrum, incidence, reflection and scattering, the basic principle of superposition, attenuation and so on many master (optical) common sense. The equipment features, usage, to be clear at a glance (common sense) operation. At the same time, understand the color will have a direct idea effect is also very important, which directly affect the lighting engineers in professional stage lighting engineers.

Mind directly effect of color from the color of the light physical stimulation to the person's physiological direct impact. Mind at has done many experiments. They found that in a communist environment, human MaiXi will accelerate, blood pressure was increased, mood excited impulse. And in the blue environment, MaiXi will slow down, the mood also relatively calm. Some scientists have found that color can affect brain waves, brain wave is response to red alert, for blue reaction is to relax. Since the middle of the 19th century in the future, the idea is from the realm of philosophy into science, mind, pay attention to the experiments to verify the effect of the color of the mind. A lot of color theory have made special introduction, these experiences to us clearly affirmed the color effect on mood.

The color changes in temperature

Warm and cool colors are based on physical classification of mind illusion of color, the color of the material, roughly two color is produced by the changes in temperature. Long wavelength red and orange, and yellow light, itself have warm feeling, light as a condition to any color will have a warm feeling. On the contrary, the shorter wavelengths of light purple, blue light, green light, feel the cold.

Color itself does not have the physical of high and low temperature, lenovo because of people's mind and thought, when people see red, inevitably, such as the sun into contact with the fire, and the formation of a mind on warm feeling, when people see blue, will be associated with water, ice and other produce, resulting in a cold mind reaction, this kind of color to respond to changes in temperature on the mind of the people, is the sense of color changes in temperature. Color on a color wheel to this kind of warm and cool feeling to classification, can be separated to warm feeling of warm color system and towards the cold feeling of cool color, but there are some differences between warm and cool color is very hard to of subtle feeling to distinguish between colors, like green, purple, etc the color of the nature of such a group of the middle group, called cold warm neutral colors.

On stage, in order to show a warm and festive atmosphere, the stage area can give priority to with red with orange, pink and warm tones, and in the awning, side light with a blue light, green light, such not only not dilute the warm color tone, but because of the color between effect, make the warm color tone is more distinct, color tone more artistic appeal.

The color of distance

People of color vision habits will also feel sense of distance, different colors of objects at the same distance, but the feeling is different, because the eye stimulation by light color, the longer wavelength light behind the retina integrated focus, and the shorter wavelength light is right in front of the retina province twenty percent, after the eye lens of self-tuning, make the longer wavelength light look closer, look far shorter wavelengths of light. To produce the travel distance, retreat. So warm color to move forward close feeling, cool color gives a person the feeling of past away from after.

Color gives people a sense of distance illusion were influenced by background color. For instance, in front of the white background, blue seem to be very close, in turn, is purple, red, green, etc. When in front of the black background, the sense of distance and different color, the red looks recently, in turn, is orange, green, blue, purple. Color of eyes and the feeling of the retreat and accept the light stimulus, has a lot to do with the size of the light, intensity of illumination large, strong stimulation to eyes, and a bright, expansion, the marching feelings; On the other hand, the low intensity of illumination, there is dark, fuzzy, contraction, the feeling of the retreat.

So the stage design, lighting engineers should pay attention to adjust the lamps and lanterns and the distance between people, with different environment, different construction stage effect.