The commonly used light a stage lighting

- Mar 31, 2017 -

If you want to do professional stage light configuration, the first thing to understand stage the commonly used light of lamps and lanterns. This is the correct choose an important link in the process of configuration. 1, the surface light: since the audience at the top of the positive to the stage of light, the frontal lighting main effect for characters and the basic optical shop to dye.

2, a slap in the face: located in the outlets, sloping into the stage of light, is divided into upper and lower layers, and the main auxiliary plane light, and strengthen the face illumination, increase the characters, scenery of stereo feeling.

3, column (also called side light) : since the entablature in on both sides of the projected light, mainly for the two sides of characters or the scene lighting, adding stereo feeling, outline.

4, top light: the light of the above from stage to stage, by the former to the later two rows into a row of top light, top light, three rows of light... Generally, etc., mainly used in stage lighting, the enhancement stage illumination, and there are a lot of scenery and props fixed-point illuminate, mainly by the top light to solve.

Stage 5, backlight: since the inverse direction projection light irradiation (such as roof, bridge light reverse), can draw an outline of the characters, the king said, enhanced stereo feeling and clear, as a particular light source.

Light: 6, bridge overpass in the wings to light the stage, is mainly used for auxiliary light, enhanced stereo feeling, also used for other light bearing an inconvenience, as a particular light source.

7, feet light: since the entablature counter to the stage in front of the projection light, and main auxiliary lighting and eliminate the surface, such as high light irradiation

The stage lighting

The stage lighting

Face and jaw of the shadow.

8, the heavens and the earth light: the light of the above and below the awning to awning, mainly used for lighting and color change in the awning.

9, flowing light: located in flow fixtures are on either side of the stage, the main auxiliary bridge light, light or other specific light supplement the wings.

10, the spotlight: since the audience or other location of light, it is mainly used for tracking actors or highlight a particular light, and for the host, is the pen of stage art feature, have the effect that make the finishing point.