What are the characteristics of the KTV rooms using the LED bulbs

- Mar 31, 2017 -

KTV KTV light classification: lamp according to utility cent can be divided into a, lights for performing arts classes, this class is a common stage lights, moving head light, scanner light, wizard light, laser, lights, scanning class three claw fish, octopus, bi-monthly lanterns, promise the arrow and magic ball lights, strobes, rain light, led lamp, console, small machine and so on. Atmosphere effect, and the second is class environment lighting, has LED lighting lamp, energy-saving lamp, wall lamp, droplight, desk lamp, explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, light, etc., plays a role of ambient lighting. 3 it is to decorate class, have LED backdrop, LED lamp, lamp, LED guardrail tube, LED lamp, LED floor brick, acrylic light box, etc., the environmental adornment effect.

KTV KTV characteristics of lamps and lanterns: characteristics of lamps and lanterns is determined by the characteristics of the KTV rooms itself, general KTV rooms continuous business about 12 hours every day, long time use, puts forward high demands on the performance of lamps and lanterns, so lamps and lanterns of KTV rooms must be durable. Secondly, the design of lamps and lanterns and the effect of personalized, many KTV rooms will in decorating a design aspects of the pursuit of personalized, in order to lead, to attract consumers.

KTV light commonly used lamps and lanterns:

It is laser, now has a specially designed for room room laser, features can be continuous use for a long time, with all over the sky star effect and simple design class is given priority to, build atmosphere.

Second, flashing light, the LED class is given priority to, the characteristics of the LED strobe is durable, do not need to change bulb, more for acoustic mode, stroboscopic effect.

Third, effect lights, also called lanterns, divided into two kinds, a kind of light source is the light bulb, GOBO pattern plate produced by the effect, pattern more vivid. Another kind is the light source is LED, design the rules.

Four is the background chandeliers, lamps, the starry sky curtain, and acrylic light boxes.

Five is in color, lamps and lanterns that move light, for the LED light source, more commonly has LED lamp, LED rain light, change color and adjust the environment light and shade.

The application trend of KTV rooms lamp:

A is a trend of increased obviously KTV rooms, lamps and lanterns in the design, installation, handling more popular, more conducive to handling, installation.

Second, LED the trend of increasing use of lamps and lanterns, low energy consumption, durable, these are the congenital advantage of the LED light source lighting fixtures