Beam Light VS Moving Head Light, Lighting Equipment Should Not Be Blindly Used!

- May 07, 2018 -

      With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the development of large-scale opera houses and the stage for the development of the culture and entertainment industries are getting higher and higher. Recalling the supply and purchase situation of the domestic stage lighting market, moving headlights and beam lights are at the front end. What are the characteristics of the two lights and what are the differences between them?


First, the difference between light columns

Beam lamp is the most important light column, a bright light beam is the pursuit of beam light; moving head light, in fact, should be said that the discharge lamp light pattern, it is focused on the light spots and patterns. The purpose of the two lamps is different, so the application has changed significantly.

Second, different light sources, different applications

The beam lamp is a metal halide lamp and the pattern lamp is a discharge lamp. Because of the small beam angle and the higher light efficiency, the metal halide bulbs used in beam lights can produce very bright beams even when the power is not very high. Moving the headlights because it is conical light, the area of the light is larger than the light beam.

Beam lights are used in explosive scenes, such as the opening show and the close-up of hot songs, with the strobe to create a passionate visual impact; and moving the headlights is more of a show of soft art, dancing slowly in whisper. Indulge in the aftertaste, through the combination of different colors and patterns to create a beautiful and beautiful scene, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Third, the actual use of the distance there is a huge difference

Beam light Xiaobian suggested that the use of the distance should be 12 meters away, while the use of moving headlights 5 meters on it. If you are in a bar with a height of only three to five meters, choosing a moving head light is a wise choice. Beams and patterns can appear, creating a nice atmosphere that will not make guests uncomfortable. On the contrary, if it is in a very high studio, beam lights should be selected. To sum up, the choice of beam light and moving head light depends on the actual distance and effect.