Computer Moving Head Light Mechanical System

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Mechanical system range is very wide, including the material, structure, mechanical properties, shell demands, heat dissipation and so on. Material selection of lamps and lanterns main considerations are: to satisfy the functional requirement of the lamp, make ease and economy. At present, the 1200 w moving head light of international and domestic materials mainly include steel, plastic, aluminum alloy. Considering whole function under the premise of meet the lamp design structure model of lamp, different parts, with different materials. If Aceda - spot1200III1200W shook his head lamp, the lamp body die-casted shell plastic parts, lamp body supporting frame, base, side panel, end plate adopt aluminum alloy casting, stamping parts, car parts.

Light structure determines the mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, factors such as noise, and weight. 1200 w moving head light adopt international and domestic arms support structure, the lamp body level rotate 540 °, rotated 255 °, base part shall strengthen the treatment, can satisfy the demands of moving head light hanging inversion.

On the mechanical properties of the light body, mainly reflected in the lamp body parts of mechanical strength, make the light body within the continuous working time effectively, not deformation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, seismic, compression; Lamp shell must have strict waterproof, dust-proof, antistatic, moisture-proof requirement. According to dustproof and waterproof shell divided into different levels of protection grade requirements: such as indoor use amount of protection level is usually IP20, the amount of outdoor protection level is usually IP44.

1200 w power amount of mechanical structure, the cooling requirements is critical, ventilation system, such as defective usually will cause the electrical parameters drift, color films, film rupture, plaque, crashing, out of step, uncontrolled and other serious consequences.