Computer Moving Head Light Program Control Part

- Mar 31, 2017 -

The current international and domestic amount of generally used DMX data format program files. DMX512 principle: DMX data flow velocity is 250 k, namely every BIT as standard 4 microseconds. DMX data format is divided into the following parts: 1) the IDLE (IDLE) or NODMXsituation (situation) : when there is no DMX, the output of the packet will be a high level signal; 2) BREAK: DMX the start of a packet is a low level of 88 microseconds output forecast} {head; 3) MARKAFTERBREAK (MAB) : MAB is after the BREAK, is a high level of 8 microseconds or two pulse; 4) STARTCODE (SC) code: SC was started by the data flow channel data, it has the same format, and channel data for 11 general pulse or 44 microseconds; 5) MARKTIMEBETWEENFRAMES (MTBF) : can the MTBF of 0-1 seconds, less than 1 second, in each channel at MTBF, prior to the start bit is high level; 6) CHANNELDATA (CD) : channel data frame after SC logic format for 1-512 or less than 512; 7) MARKTIMEBETWEENPACKETS (MTBP) : send a high level after the valid data is sent.

Amount of effects, it is through the different modelling mural, different colour change, a different perspective, the change of horizontal and vertical angles and speed, stroboscopic speed, aperture size, focal length changes such as comprehensive performance. All these properties index of work are realized by stepper motor drive, the stepper motor electrical operation parameters defined programming, completes the amount of control.