Follow Spot Is A High Power To Shoot The Light, It Is Composed Of Convex Lens And Light Source

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Follow spot is a high power to shoot the light, it is composed of convex lens and light source. Mainly in the case of a stage full darkness with light prominent actors or other special effects, or the actor fill light. Follow spot can transform a variety of different colors, and can follow spot with different pattern. Characteristic is needs manipulation, and follow the actor. Follow spot application, such as stage, the wedding ceremony, the meeting opening ceremony, closing ceremony, etc are all common lighting appliances.

Follow spot is commonly used in the studio and stage lighting lamps and lanterns. Its main function is to be able to produce a bright spot, in stage terms is "a hard and solid aperture", performance in the area to move as the actor to move, so called follow spot. Commonly used follow spot light source used for different and divided into halogen tungsten lamp follow spot, xenon lamp and metal halide follow spot follow spot three