Follow Spot Using Stage

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Use follow spot to embody and achieve some artistic effect, almost in every ballet performance is common. Follow spot can highlight the main characters, shape of the different types of characters, the change of the drama and emotion, and to build the stage atmosphere. Therefore, ballet (including general dance) directors and lighting designer in his creation, will be the use of follow spot as one of the indispensable important means. In the design of ballet, follow spot light to achieve the following objectives:

1, the creation of the environmental atmosphere; 2, lighting, building image; 3, focus, focus; 4, performance and its plot development, etc.

The spotlights on the stage play the first role on the one hand: the creation of the environmental atmosphere.

Such as a stage play "demon" mountain "nest", from the mouth of the cave to the inside, assume for dozens or even hundreds of metres in depth, the director chose a cold and dark blue light, well built the dark cave eerie atmosphere. Plot in stage play in the palace, is in the black hole of the occurrence and development, so as to always maintain a dark atmosphere, and to see clearly the audience actor's performance and other changes, between the two is contradictory, if only considering the creation of the atmosphere, the brightness of the dark, like this will make the audience see the actor's performance; Instead, consider only illuminates the actor's performance and increase the brightness, will inevitably destroy the atmosphere of the story, then use the spotlight to make this contradiction with unity, is a better way. The use of the spotlights to hold the life of gruesome and the effect of the ferocious monster and highlighted the performance of the actors and the shaping of the characters, achieve the unity of the stage effect.

The spotlights plays the role of the third party: prominent point.

Follow spot have such situation, play a major role for a long time been the spotlight followed, but due to the development of the drama, in a particular time is not necessarily in the primacy of stage performance, and will send to a secondary position. Or in the "fish beauty" of the plot, for example, when the hunter in the group of siren, three syren, and after the snake, the process of the development of the plot in a step by step, the role of the other after the hunter also successively participate in the dance, according to the requirements of the script, director, and lighting designers on dance processing, the new occurrence of plot to the audience should be clear, this is also to meet the requirements of the audience psychology. The arrangement of the lights have to illuminate the hunter in the spotlight of the narrow aperture, intensity is abate, the focus gave way to the other characters, if not adjusted, interferes with the line of sight of the audience. The hunter and snake, of course, as well as other dance to communicate properly when aperture amplifier, luminosity to strengthen this is necessary, also satisfy the audience psychological requirements.

The spotlight on stage in the fourth role: in the drama, the action of plot development.

In the palace, mountain demon in an attempt to use wine to kill the hunter, ginseng abort glass, lights out, all black on the stage, and then two yellow beam of the spotlight shone upon the ginseng and hunters, not only highlights the two beams of the spotlight ginseng to guide the hunter before continuing in find fish beauty mime the plot, but also played an essential role to the development of the whole. When the hunter in a bunch of big and bright light yellow light hound continue to beauty, to find fish found demon in a high mountain was cast upon him, and then all of a sudden mountain demon subsidence, beam on both sides of the two shallow blue to dark blue backdrop in the spotlight on two aperture is formed on the size, color depth is exactly the same spot, while two of the same fish beauty dance in it. Such a beautiful scene is very interesting, the seeds for the next step in the plot development, then beauty after coming down from the fish, a large group of fish filed out of the fair. Mountain demon continued to work his magic, in an attempt to genuine hunter, then the use of the spotlights, change and the artistic technique of expression for the development of drama added luster.