Follow Spot Wedding Application

- Mar 31, 2017 -

1, "follow spot" belongs to the professional stage lighting, in recent years has been used in the wedding. Follow spot design structure more complicated than the ordinary light so persons must follow spot pre-service training. In order to avoid accidents, affect the wedding.

2, now our company commonly used follow spot for 1200 w, the light source for the dysprosium lamp, startup power is higher than normal work power. So the power to choose more than 2.5 square cable speak to the electrician directly from electric Wells. Prevent power overload trip, more serious with wire and excessive debt cause fire.

3, follow spot before the formal use must be car of commissioning, because now commonly used built-in transformer follow spot, insufficient voltage will cause follow spot self-inspection for a long time and can't afford to car. So as not to cause unprepared.

4, field use several follow spot good? There are a lot of friends asked me. Personally think or more than two units as well. Because, follow spot is cold light source, light concentration is not scattered. Follow spot according to the object, as smooth and backlight surface contrast is very big, candlelight wedding less light there is no way to fill light, so a follow spot according to new people in the face can cause face of Yin and Yang, the couple go happy channel backlighting half of the time, after the ceremony on the stage of is all side light, very affect the new image. If two or more than two follow spot lighting at the same time, there are additional light source will not appeal to the consequences.

5, candlelight wedding photographer should pay attention to what? Most commonly used domestic follow spot, because the wedding company the design without SCR button adjustable lighting source, so the couple no matter how far away from the follow spot the brightness of the light are the same, such as a photographer adjusted the white balance in the distance, such as new close up, if you don't change to manual zoom lens, lens is maxed out. Candlelight wedding less light, the light is not filling, had better choose the CCD 3 and above models, such as SONY190P, SONY digital high-definition, BETCOMA machine such as machine to ensure clear effect. Site must choose more than two same level camera equipment, ensure the picture comprehensive, complete. Specific points taken after see the camera - wedding photography to the point.

6, follow spot, put the position and height requirements. If two desk lamp, a bench in the stage on one side of the new entry. A bench in the admission is on the stage in the new light and ceremony. If there is a third follow spot should be parallel to the second stage follow spot put distance space each a corner of the scene, no buildings before the advisable. Lamp height 2.5 meters, lamp holder is not direct to the human eye. Site operation stand on the table. But must ensure the stable, follow spot around rotating without touch.

7, follow spot equipment use and maintenance matters needing attention. Follow spot at the scene of the wedding belong to high-end equipment, the equipment cost is high, big volume, heavy weight, complicated operation, so must have used modes. Transportation to should take put down gently, follow spot have special turnover box. Scaffolds must be smooth, lamp must be two people to cooperate to complete. After power on, turn on the switch for the machine itself the introspection about 5-8 seconds after the indicator after the operation. To see the instruction manual. The last to turn it off to the next, but must pay attention to, cars must stop more than 10 minutes, do not frequently switch, the light bulb is easy to burn out. A common need at least 120 yuan. Such as replacing light bulbs to machine cold later on. Hand to touch the bulb glass place in the middle. Installation is strong. The lamp body so as not to affect the cooling vents to accumulate.