Moving Head Light Failure Analysis

- May 09, 2018 -

1 trigger damage

2 bulb circuit power line folding section;

3 The relay does not pick up or the contacts do not touch well

4 ballast coil short circuit

The light bulb goes off after a while:

1 bulb aging or poor quality

2 Fans do not turn or dust

3 temperature control resistance aging

4 Terminals have aging, etc.

Fry bulb failure:

1 High supply voltage

2 There is a momentary power failure due to poor circuit contact

3 lamp electrode terminal tightness and discomfort)

4 ballast coil short circuit

The channel does not turn or card:

1 motor cable segment

2 driver IC burned

3 motor lead terminal post welding

Poor contact at both ends of the 4 cable

5 motherboard IC virtual connection

6 lubrication;

First, boot no response:

1, check the voltage is 220V;

2. Check the insurance in the lamps;

3, check the switching power supply output voltage (32V, 12V, 5V);

4, check the circuit board is working properly (indicator);

Red is the power working indicator;

Yellow is the CPU work indicator;

Green signal working indicator;

Second, boot can be reset but not light:

Check the quality of the bulb and the correct installation of the bulb;

2. Is there a 12V output of the switching power supply, and if the temperature of the motherboard is short-circuited, is there a 12V voltage at the lighting point?

Temperature control switch with or without open circuit;

4. Whether the instantaneous output voltage of the electronic rectifier lighting is about 380V;

5, electronic trigger is damaged (replace electronic trigger test light);

Third, after starting work for a period of time, the lamp automatically resets:

Switching power supply output is not stable;

The cable is loose in the line or there is no compression at the pressure line, resulting in poor contact and automatic reset.

Fourth, automatic bulb bulb:

1, After the bulb is extinguished, it will light up automatically after a period of time. Check whether the cooling system is working properly. If the cooling system appears, it will automatically light up.

2. After the bulb is extinguished, it cannot be brightened automatically. The problem of the bulb itself is that the surface of the bulb sphere is whitened, and the interior is black. After a period of time, the bulb will also appear to be extinct (the end of the bulb life);

The luminaire will also appear in the case of no control signal for a long period of time, automatic protection will be extinguished, after the signal is turned on, it will automatically light;

Five, bulb is light, motor reset is normal, but not controlled:

Check the connection signal (DMX);

Check the lamp address code;

3, check the signal IC (75176) is damaged;

Six, start burning insurance or power trip:

1. Check if the rectifier is short-circuited and the power surge current is too large;

2. Is the light bulb on the ground conductive?

Whether the high voltage inside the luminaire is short-circuited to ground (in the case of a grounding wire);

Seven, bulb failure, unable to light or brightness is not enough:)

1, the lighting voltage is too low;

, trigger failure (replacement);

The lamp has reached the end of life (replacement);

Electronic rectifier is damaged;

Eight, the bulb can be light but it can not be extinguished:

Does the menu set "electronic lighting off";

2. Whether the temperature control is short-circuited to ground;

Rectifier is damaged;

Nine, bright bubble, can be controlled, but not white after reset:

The distance between the Hall element and the magnet is between 2-3mm;

Is the lamp zero adjusted?

Ten, motor jitter or out of step:

1. Whether the motor is short-circuited, causing burnout of the IC (3711);

2, the motherboard is damaged;

Whether each pattern wheel or color wheel fixing screw is tightened;

4. The positioning between the Hall element and the magnet is inaccurate;

11. The deadlock of the channel components: The stuck mechanism is generally a mechanical reason (except for CMY color chips, when a certain CMY color chip is broken to make it fall off, thereby affecting the normal operation of other color chips, a color chip card will appear at this time. The phenomenon of death)

Whether the parts have been deformed and cause scratches;

2. Whether the installation of various components is in place;

Whether each part has come off, resulting in stuck;

Stepper motor failure, resulting in motor shaft;

Twelve, the display panel is not displayed:

1, the display panel is damaged;

2. Is the seven-position cable connecting the display panel loose or damaged?

Thirteen, X, Y axis out of step phenomenon can not be located:

Excessive dust on the diaphragm, resulting in infrared light can not be controlled in place;

The diaphragm is broken, and the distance between the diaphragm and the diaphragm is not properly adjusted (if it is excluded, it should be mounted on the diaphragm.

, and do not have the phenomenon of scratch, touch, smashing)

Stepper motor mounting screws are too loose or too tight;

Drive belt fixing screw is tight;

5, the belt is broken;