Moving Head Light On How To Use Computer?

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Before the lamps and lanterns of positioning, to ensure the stability of the installation site. In reverse hanging installation, use 2 bagged M10 screw Quan professional large hook, hanging precession on the amount of low plate screw hole, necessary ensure that don't support the rack fell, lamps and lanterns with safety rope handle through the racks and lamps and lanterns, prevent pad fall and slide of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns in the installation and debugging, the ban pedestrians pass, regularly check whether the safety rope wear, linking to loosen, the resultant because hanging installation is not stable, lead to fall of lamps and lanterns and don't pay any responsibility.

The minimum distance of objects and goals;

When the installation location and lamps and lanterns, any point on the surface of lamps and lanterns and the minimum distance for any Yi Ran materials

0.5 meters. The biggest environmental temperature; To ensure that the lamps and lanterns in the normal and stable working environment temperature is highest do not exceed 40 C, lowest, no more than 15 C.

And motor, and static electricity protection;

The lamps and lanterns is according to the type of motor protection design. Lamps and lanterns to use and have good grounding power system connection, and the ground wire must be connected with the ground wire of the power supply system of lamps and lanterns, metal case of lamps and lanterns of ground mark port to be connected to install fixtures are safe.