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Moving Head Light System
Mar 31, 2017

Optical system design is the most main consideration lamp flux utilization. Specific performance indicators include light strength, evenness, saturation, and the size of the light spot. Influence the elements of the above indicators have two aspects, one is light, the second is the optical system structure, choice of materials. At present, the domestic and foreign manufacturers, users recommend OSRAM or basic PHILIPS1200W short arc duplex metal gas discharge tubes. Its features are compact, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering and in the process of dim light source, to maintain a relatively stable color temperature. Disadvantage is that this kind of lamp in layered problems of filler, the filler in the arc imaging ribbon or in the electric arc tube condenses, form the shadow effect, needs to be in control to a minimum when the optical structure design. In optical structure, to obtain uniform mixed beam, parabolic reflector, can be used to collect divergent or narrow beam, should choose to have scale processing or mirror surface texture. Use mirror material of reflector system is better than the refraction system. When you need a few of the beam of light from a light source, can be combined using prism or lens refraction system. At home and abroad at present, the optical design of 1200 w moving head amount, adopt lens combination way, by the aspheric (parabolic) quartz lens, etc.

Parabolic lens is the most important features in focus is placed on a point light source, will get a parallel beam. In the light path design, still need to consider to light intensity distribution curve, shape and size, reflection lens aperture size and the relationship between the shape of the light source.