Shaking Of The Amount Of Electrical Characteristics And Circuit Design

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Worldwide professional 1200 w shook his head before amount of the vast majority of the rare gas discharge light source. Gas discharge bubble of start-up and steady work depends on the type of circuit design, the choice of power supply, ballast and other electrical components. Rare gas discharge bubble starts, generally do not need stable time, in order to ensure the stabilization and in the communication cycle, to maintain the voltage of the circuit and the bulb of the difference between the instantaneous voltage value should be sufficiently large.

The start of the light source, stability, go out and start again, should according to the requirements of the light source characteristics of the design circuit. Rare gas discharge bubble of starting voltage is very high, require the use of transformer, start device, a resonance circuit, improve the instant on voltage. The stability of light source after starting, depending on the ballast and circuit parameters matching. The basic function of the ballast is out of control and prevent current make the light work under its normal electric property. The current production enterprises usually adopt two kinds of ballast, is a kind of inductive rectifier, one kind is electronic rectifier. Inductance rectifier has the advantage of good stability, the disadvantage is that, on the strength of the light body, handling, loading and unloading have high requirements; Electronic rectifier is essentially the power conversion circuit, the input power supply current in frequency, waveform and amplitude changes. Its advantage is light weight, convenient loading and unloading, handling, The disadvantage is that structure design demand is high, the maintenance cost is high.

Light to start again, in the conventional circuit design, because the gas discharge bubble produced in high temperature work, to form saturated gas inside the bubble vapor pressure resistance, light source will immediately trigger again it is difficult to realize, must reduce the gas pressure in the lamp to cold after numerical, can trigger a reboot. At present, the international and domestic production enterprise basic conventional circuit design.