Stage Lighting Configuration Common Sense Raiders

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Self-proclaimed professional lighting division to review it! If you can do this will not be their responsibility to shirk the makeup artist who!

To do a good job of professional stage lights configuration, we must first understand the stage light commonly used light, which is the correct choice of an important part of the configuration.

1, surface light: from the top of the audience to the front of the stage to the light, the main role for the character front lighting and the whole basic light patch.

2, slap in the mouth: located on both sides of the mouth, oblique cast in the stage of light, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary surface light, strengthen the facial lighting, increase the characters,

3, column light (also known as side light): from both sides of the mouth of the projection of light, mainly for people or scenery on both sides of the lighting, increase the three-dimensional sense of silhouette.

4, the top light: from the stage above the stage to the light, from front to back into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light ... ... and so on, mainly for the stage of general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and A lot of scenery, props of fixed-point irradiation, mainly by the top light to solve.

5, backlight: from the stage reverse projection of light (such as the top light, bridge light and other reverse exposure), can be sketched out the characters, the outline of the scene, enhance the sense of three-dimensional and transparent, but also as a specific light source.

6, bridge light: on both sides of the stage at the bridge to the stage of the light, mainly for the auxiliary column light, enhance the three-dimensional, but also for other light inconvenience projection position, but also as a specific light source. The same time as

7, foot: from the Taiwan side of the bench to the stage projection of the light, the main auxiliary surface lighting and eliminate the light due to high light and other characters face and jaw formed by the shadow.

8, heaven and earth light: from the top of the sky and below the sky to the light, mainly for the curtain of lighting and color changes.

9, flow light: located on both sides of the stage on the flow lighthouse, the main auxiliary bridge light, add the stage on both sides of the light or other specific light.

10, chasing light: from the audience or other locations need to use the light bit, mainly used to track the actors or highlight a particular light, but also for the host, is the stage art close-up, play the finishing touch.

Common lamps and features:

1, spotlight: stage lighting is the most widely used one of the main light, the current market 1KW, 2KW, to the most widely used 2KW It illuminates the light concentration, the edge of the contour is more clear, can highlight a local, can also enlarge the spot lighting a region, as the main stage of the light source, commonly used in light, slap in the face, side light and other light.

2, soft light: soft light symmetry, both to highlight a certain part, and no blunt spot, easy to connect a few lights, the common 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW and so on. Used for column light, flow light and other close light.

3, back to light: it is a reflection of the lamp, which is characterized by light hard, high illumination and long range, is a both economic and efficient light, common mainly 0.5KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc., to use the most 2KW.

4, astigmatism: light diffuse, are said, the projection area is large, divided into astigmatism and astigmatism, common 0.5KW, 1KW, 1.25KW, 2KW, etc., for the curtain, can also be used for the theater Taiwan's general lighting.

5, modeling lights: principle between the chase light and spotlight, is a special lighting, mainly for the characters and scenery modeling projection.

6, foot light (also known as lights): soft light, a wide area. Mainly as to the King, Net King cloth light, cloth color, but also in the mouth position auxiliary surface lighting.

7, light beam (also known as downlight): the current use of a more extensive, such as PAR46, PAR64 and other models. Can be used for people and scenery of the various aspects of lighting, can also be installed directly on the stage, exposed to the audience, the formation of light array, for the stage decoration and lighting dual role.

8, cast slides and sky effect lights: the stage can be formed on the whole screen, and a variety of special effects, such as: wind, rain, mine, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds and so on.

9, computer lights: This is a DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal control of intelligent lighting, the light color, light, illumination are better than the above conventional lamps developed in recent years, an intelligent lighting, often installed in the surface light, Top light, the stage after the stage and other positions, the operation of the color, shape, plans, etc. can be programmed to run the program. As the power of different sizes, the use of the stage to be different. General low-power computer lights, only suitable for use in the ballroom, low-power computer lights on the stage, the spot is often the stage spotlight, back to light and so on, so in the selection to pay special attention.

10, chasing light: the stage lighting fixtures, characterized by high brightness, the use of lens imaging, can show a clear spot, by adjusting the focal length, but also change the spot virtual reality. There are activities Guanglan, you can easily change the color, the lamp body can run freely and so on. At present, there are many varieties of the market, the standard is not the same as the standard, the power as the standard such as: 1KW halogen tungsten light source, 1KW dysprosium light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source, Light (light intensity at a certain distance, illumination), such as 8-10m chasing light, 15-30m chasing light, 30-50m chasing light, 50-80m chasing light, etc., and in function is divided into: Mechanical tracking light, the focus, light bar, color are completed manually; the other for the computer chasing light, the focus, light bar, color, adjust the color temperature are automatically pushed through the push and electrical appliances, so in Selection must be carefully selected for a variety of indicators.

The basic description of light:

One, chasing light

Follow the light is the most common wedding light, it can be manually operated to follow a new person or a host of lamps. It can be placed in any position, the shutter can change the aperture, adjust the spot size. Follow the light according to the power into 575 kilowatts, 1200 kilowatts, 2500 kilowatts, etc., the specific parameters according to the size of the hotel and according to the distance of the new people to determine. In some venues of the larger places, the chase light upstairs above the light beam will be more conducive to the role of its play.

Two, PAR lights

The PAR64 lamp (that is, the downlight) is the most common light on our wedding except for chasing light. It is usually used to supplement the light and ambient light. The PAR lamp can emit a strong, fixed, parallel beam. Different, it can be divided into three kinds:

1, CP60 its light bulb is transparent, the issue of the beam is very narrow, condenser effect is better.

2, CP61 its light bulb is matte, so that the beam can be more uniform dispersion, than the CP60 issued by the beam to diverge some.

3, CP62 its light bulb is mesh with scrub, the light is emitted astigmatism, very soft and uniform, compared to CP60, CP61, its beam is the most evenly.

Three, back light

Backlight can produce narrow parallel and no exact edge of the beam, its blues more blurred, suitable for more uniform soft cloth effect, can be used as a surface light. It is very suitable for outdoor or large venues, because it is very far from the projection distance, at least 20 meters.

Four, imaging lights

The imaging lamp can get a light beam with a narrow beam, a strong sense of direction, and a clear edge. Its beam angle is smaller, the longer the range. The light beam of the imaging lamp is very suitable for creating the light beam in the dark field and the beam of the table and the like, and the like. It can also be the same as the computer moving head put GOBO film, forming a pattern.

Four, computer moving head light

Computer moving head light is able to 360 °, can be rotated and adjusted intelligent lighting. Its brightness, the size of the spot, the actual situation of the spot, the size of the beam, condenser and astigmatism, color transformation, pattern transformation and so on can be adjusted and changed in real time. Computer moving head light is often used for live beam rendering, the new theme of LOGO lights, color and pattern decorate the hotel environment or stage background. Because it is adjustable, so you can according to the wedding links and style set in advance to make it a good use of a lamp. It is more used to make ambient light.

Five, LED dyed lights

This is the most controversial light on the wedding. It has a strong sense of light, with some of the computer dyeing lights, such as: strobe, color, etc., lower power. LED for high color temperature lamps, use it to do the scene of the ambient light light color tone will be cold, so try to avoid it and low color temperature lamps projected in the same area.

When using the LED dyed lamp, try to avoid projection on the human face and body, it is more suitable for projection on the stage background or channel and the walls, can be used as the ambient light to use. LED dyed lights If you use the right words, you will avoid the beginning of the article mentioned in the late shooting problem.

Six, floodlights

Flood light is relatively uniform, the light range is relatively large, very suitable for large area exposure or background lighting. Background on the top of a row of floodlights called days row of lights, the background of the following row we also called the row of lights. The use of floodlights in the background can make the mantle more layered, making the background more prominent.

These are the usual lights on the wedding, of course, I did not list there are many, such as closing lights, computer lights, the audience lights and so on. In fact, every kind of lighting has its unique role, we have to according to the wedding atmosphere, theme color, links, customer budget, hotel venues and so on with the actual match.

In fact, the light on the wedding according to the role of points, I used to divide them into light and ambient light. Ambient light is the scene of the light color, such as LED dyed lights, moving head lights, etc., which we often use. Lighting division will be based on the wedding links and themes to design. To illustrate the point is that the environment is used to render the environment, and can not be used as a light to light, some lighting division of the LED lamp as the main light hit the new face, the first is this high color temperature lighting Will make the late shooting picture quality is very hard, not soft, and then it is the color of the new people will face the ambient light, so that the new face or body "discoloration." In fact, based on the problem of color temperature, Mengtian most of the most common PAR64 light with color film for dyeing, and its price cheaper than the LED, and this kind of dyeing mild, uniform, true, natural, the only draw is the power consumption High, some power can not reach the site with caution.

Above is the ambient light, then the next person said light. The most important thing is a wedding light, first to ensure that the characters after the light we go to consider the ambient light. People light according to the light bit, we have the following division:

1, the front light is located in the horizontal position 0 - 10 degrees

2, the former metering at the horizontal position of 20 - 30 degrees

3, the middle of the light in the horizontal position of 40 - 50 degrees

4, metering in the horizontal position of 60 - 90 degrees

5, side of the backlight in the horizontal position of 110 - 120 degrees

6, the contour light is located in the horizontal position 135-160 degrees

7, the backlight is located in the horizontal position of 170-190 degrees

Frontal light: people face plane is very bright, there is no three-dimensional, this light is not suitable for round square face, but the performance of youth, young and powerful lamp.

Front side light: as a good light auxiliary light, will play a soft light, rich level of the role.

In the side of the light: often as the main light of the light to use, probably at 45 ° angle of the way, can accurately control the distribution of light and shadow, very suitable for chasing light position.

Side light: in theatrical performances, the side light is indispensable, the actor's character line characterization plays an important role.

Side of the backlight: easy to produce the effect of sunlight, the nose of the flank, cheekbones, forehead, head on the back of a high light effect, hair showing a certain texture.

Contour light: in the character head and shoulder to produce a continuous light edge, so that the head and the background fully separated, so that the characters in the visual no longer close to the background.

Backlight: Emphasize the outline of the head and shoulder of the characters, separating the characters and the background level, in theatrical performances commonly used in light.