The Role Of Stage Light In Light Of The Lamp Bead

- Mar 31, 2017 -

The role of stage light in light of the lamp bead

Usually installed in stage light lamp lights, lamp bead light lamp plays the role of the stage is very big, the lamp bead on the one hand, can have the effect of illumination, on the other hand can play the role of the ornament, ascension of stage and screen display effect.

In addition to the above have the effect of the two sides, the importance of the role also has the following several aspects:

1, brightness

Lamp bead brightness is one of the important determinants of stage light of lamp brightness. Lamp bead brightness is higher, the lamp bead stability is good. Lamp bead value has a different point of view, in the case of chip brightness is set, the smaller the Angle, light bead is more bright, but the stage the Angle of beam of light. General should choose 100-110 degrees of lamp beads in place to ensure that stage light lamp enough perspective. According to different spacing and different sights lamp, stage light should be in brightness, Angle, and find a balance on the price.

2, antistatic ability

Lamp bead also antistatic ability, is sensitive to electrostatic comparison, can let the static electricity failure. In stage light lamp installed in the lamp bead, to extend the service life of stage light lamp has a vital role.

3, consistency,

Stage display screen is made up of many different colors of light bead, and the brightness of each lamp bead and wavelength are consistent, this ensures the stage light lamp brightness and wavelength.

4, attenuation

A variety of different colors of light bead is in use for some time after the brightness will gradually decay, and install the lamp bead, can let the lamp bead the attenuation of less than 15%.