What Is The Difference Between Ballroom Lighting And Stage Lighting?

- May 12, 2018 -

Although stage lighting and ballroom lighting belong to the same professional lighting category, the difference between them is different. However, due to the different locations of the two, the lighting effects to be created are also different. The types of lighting used in the stage and dance hall are also quite different. What is the difference between ballroom lighting and stage lighting? Now Xiaobian tells you about the distinction between the two.

A: Differences in the types of lamps and lanterns: Stage lighting is generally used in conventional lighting, such as: back light, spotlight, soft light, diffuse light, etc., and dance hall lighting is generally: magic ball, pattern lights, lanterns, etc. Conventional lighting is the mainstay. In recent years, high-end venues are based on computer lamps, such as scanning lights, moving head lights, and laser lights.

    Two: Use occasions: generally in theaters, performing arts centers, due to performances, conferences, etc., when we configure a large number of stage lighting, and to shake it slowly, dance halls, etc., mainly for entertainment, should be configured Dance Hall lighting.

    3. Differences in lighting: In theatres where performing arts, conferences, etc. are mainly used, light, slap, side light, top light, and sky light are often taken into consideration in order to meet the needs of stage theaters. In the ballroom and other occasions, we consider more about the color, pattern, and transformation of lighting, and the lighting is more casual.

    Four: The difference between the two control methods: stage lighting is generally controlled by a light console, silicon box, mainly switches, dimming, color matching, dance hall lamps and more use of switch board or computer console for control, mainly The color operation program and pattern change are controlled.

    Five: The difference between the types of light sources: The light sources used in the stage lighting are generally reflective bubbles, quartz bubbles, bubble bars, and three-color light tubes. The dance hall lamps and lanterns are mainly halogen lamps and gas discharge lamps.