Xenon Lamp Follow Spot

- Mar 31, 2017 -

In addition to follow spot lamp body, lamp will need to be equipped with the corresponding power supply device. Short arc xenon lamp filled with high pressure xenon, under generally around 30 v dc voltage is not enough to make the xenon gas ionization and lighting, need to have a trigger,

Follow spot can trigger at the moment of 10000 v high voltage power supply is connected to the light bulb lit up, lit triggered after the power supply automatically disconnect, bulb will depend on the dc power supply. Dc resistance is small, so the loop must be string into a variable resistance, adjust the variable resistor can be adjusted within a certain scope of xenon lamp bubble working current, if the working current is too low will make arc self-extinguishing or unstable, will shorten the lamp life.

Xenon lamp follow spot is a precision optical devices, lamp light center (cathode spots) must be located on the focus of the reflector, and keep on the same axis with optical lens, a slight deviation, projecting the brightness of the light spot uniformity will be affected. Mirror surface coated high temperature resistant, infrared transparent, reflection of visible light membrane layer, the surface should not have scratches, dirt, grease, otherwise it will make the optical reflectivity and infrared transmittance affected. Because more than 85% of the infrared ray through the mirror, so in the back of the mirror is equipped with a cooling fan, fan, such as failure will lead to damage multiple part of lamps and lanterns, must pay attention to when using. 

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