Xenon Lamp Follow Spot Matters Needing Attention

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Xenon lamp bubble bubble shell pressure increases, while working around 30 atmospheric pressure, the possibility of improper use has exploded, be very careful to avoid vibration, pay attention to the protection. To install the light bulb, bubble shell surface can't touch directly, in order to use clean protective gloves. Bulbs in use process, will gradually black bubble shell surface, the brightness of the light will be reduced, even if still can light up the bulb, this is also to change the bulb, because this state bulb is prone to explode. Xenon lamp is dc work, in the cathode and anode can't meet the wiring, otherwise you'll be in a very short time will burn fuse of cathode. Xenon lamp in work will produce strong ultraviolet ray, to the person's skin, especially the eyes is very harmful, staff should do well protection, avoid direct. Xenon lamp in lit when the temperature is too high for lamps and lanterns is equipped with bulb specifically for forced air cooling fan, wind speed requirements over 6 m/s. If the malfunction of the fan can also cause the light bulb explosion or damage. Bulb after stop working, the fan still need to continue working after 5 minutes to close.